03 Jul

Study looks for diet/heart disease link

A study has identified a mechanism by which the Mediterranean diet prevents the development of coronary heart disease (CHD). The latest results of the long-term Predimed study – supported by the Spanish Health Ministry – have found that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables can decrease the oxidative damage to LDL cholesterol, exerting a […]

01 Jul

Olives – Helping to Combat Pollution…

We all know that olives and the oil they produce is healthy. But did you know that the humble olive is now helping to combat pollution in industrial sewage water? It’s true, and Water – Air Quality / Agriculture News had this to say yesterday: A study carried out by Dr. German Tenorio Rivas, a […]

18 Sep

Palm Olein and Olive Oil — Spoilt For Choice

Is it Palm Olein superior to Olive? Olive oil is touted as the gold standard among all edible oils today; a reputation that has been gained primarily from its association of a lower incidence of heart disease among the Mediterranean populations who have traditionally consumed olive oil as their main dietary fat. The component of […]