28 Aug

Olive leaf extract helps tackle blood pressure and cholesterol

Taking olive leaf extract can help tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol, a new report has found.

The study published in Phytotherapy Research today, outlines the results of tests conducted on 20 identical twins, all of whom had increased blood pressure.

Researchers used identical twins as a way of eliminating uncertainties caused by genetic variations between different test subjects.

The individuals were either given placebo capsules or capsules containing 500mg or 1000mg of olive leaf extract EFLA®943.

After eight weeks, researchers measured the blood pressures of the test subjects as well as collecting data about aspects of their lifestyle.

“The study confirmed that olive leaf extract EFLA®943 has antihypertensive properties in humans,” said co-author Cem Aydogan, general manager of Frutarom Health.

“This works showed that taking a 1,000mg dose has substantial effects in people with borderline hypertension.”

Hypertension is a common disease imposed by today’s hectic lifestyle. Previous experiments on rats had implied that olive leaf extract was a possible method of lowering blood pressure.End of story

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