08 Sep

Cancer causing preserved black olives in the market

By B.M/ Translation A. Ait El Hara,

Competent services at ministries of Health and Commerce (Algeria) have opened comprehensive investigations on alleged cancer causer preserved black olive quantities being commercialized these days, well informed sources told El Khabar.

The same sources further added that the initial clues of the investigation said traders likely tend mixing black olives with significant quantities of potassium, which causes cancer cells.
By overusing Potassium, traders target accelerating the fermentation of black olives and commercialize as much quantities as possible during Ramadan. However, prices and competence direction has opened investigations with wholesale and retail traders, as well as making analysis on preserved black olive samples.

Initial clues proved that the abovementioned black olives are being preserved with unhealthy manner, as some “conscienceless producers” tend adding high concentrated potassium to black olive quantities to accelerate the fermentation and prolonging the expiration date.

Analysis further proved that the abovementioned preservation method is likely to cause cancer epidemic, stressing that washing the black olives before consuming it, does not clean them from the dangerous potassium.

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  1. Dr Gaurav Sharma Says:

    What is the author talking about?
    It is well known that potassium doesn’t cause cancer, excess is always excreted by a hormone called aldosterone. The cancer could be caused by excessive oxidation, which I also doubt!!!!!
    How can someone ever think that black olives can cause cancer?

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