28 Mar

Olive Oil Dessert… The cookbook!


As our friend and author of this amazing cookbook says,
Remember, life is short, eat dessert first (as long as it’s made with olive oil) ;).

Product Description
Olive Oil Desserts is the first ever cookbook featuring; simple easy to prepare, traditional American desserts, made with heart healthy Olive Oil. With trans-fat being at the forefront of the news these days, Olive Oil dessert recipes are made with no trans-fat and have 30% fewer fat and calories. Low cholesterol and no trans fats, thanks to the tremendous health benefits of Olive Oil! Micki introduces the concept of Sneak Nutrition, where Olive Oil, is used in place of all other unhealthy fats. By doing this your desserts are healthier without sacrificing taste or texture. Most of the recipes also allow substituting whole wheat pastry flour for white flour. Micki makes it easy in her simple-to-use conversion guide. She also has a measurement conversion guide, making it possible for baking enthusiasts all the world over to enjoy these delicious recipes. The cookbook contains fun cooking stories, food quotes, baking tips, conversion charts and olive oil facts together with over 50 simple and easy to make recipes that taste incredible.

About the Author
Micki Sannar. A wife and mother of four wonderful children, and she love to cook!!! She has been reading, writing, developing, and cooking delicious meals for friends and family for over 25 years. She believes that any food tastes better when it is shared with someone else. Most families are not getting the nutrition they need. In our fast-food pre-packaged society, it is hard to find good nutrition anywhere. For some, traditional wholesome foods lack the flavorful experience they have come to expect from favorite foods. Micki has written the first ever cookbook, Olive Oil Desserts to help those who would otherwise be denied the simple pleasure of a tasty treats due to certain food allergies & medical conditions. She likes to call her unique cooking technique Stealth Nutrition . Micki does this by adding nutritious grains into delicious foods without compromising taste or texture. Most importantly, she uses only healthy Olive Oil in all of her baking. Yes, Olive Oil – especially in desserts!!! Stealth nutrition is just what it sounds like; adding nutrition into your life, while going virtually undetected by your family. In essence, sneaking nutritious foods in under the radar! Over the past five years, Micki has been working almost exclusively with Olive Oil, creating delicious healthy desserts that are good for your heart and your family. Micki’s recipes offer the perfect balance between wholesome food and delicious taste. By using her techniques of implementing different kinds of grains and substituting Olive Oil for unhealthy trans-fats in your cooking and baking, you will be well on your way to better health. Micki’s first cookbook, OLIVE OIL DESSERTS ©2007 is now available! Micki is an Instructor of Nutritional Cuisine and has taught cooking shows and class in Japan, Thanksgiving Point, Macys Little Theater, Natural Vitality, church groups, private groups, teenage groups, individual classes, and to family and friends in her home. She has appeared on both television and radio.

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Happy Baking!

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