28 Mar

Discover the elegant tastes of olives

By Larry Cox,

“The Elegant Olive” by Teresa Kennedy is part of the Cook West series. Each volume celebrates the tastes, colors, aromas and ingredients of the American West.



Kennedy, a Tucson-based cook, claims in her introduction that the world’s love affair with the olive probably began in prehistoric times. First cultivated in Asia Minor as early as 6000 B.C., wild olive shoots were propagated and spread throughout the world. The first olive trees in America were planted by Franciscan missionaries in California during the 18th century.

The olive’s rich, meaty, puckery flavor is unlike any other fruit. It’s versatility is evident in this wonderful collection of recipes. For example, who would think of adding olives to a tomato-based salsa or as a main ingredient in potato salad?
The recipes in “The Elegant Olive” are supplemented by the food styling of Tracy Vega and the lush photography of W. Ross Humphreys and Robin Stancliff.

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