19 Feb

Benefits of olive oil without the calories

By Anna Velasco,

Olivenol promises the same health benefits of four ounces of olive oil in each tablet without the calories.

Billed as the “Mediterranean diet in a pill,”Olivenol has a concentration of the antioxidant chemical polyphenol taken from the fresh pulp of olives. The polyphenols are believed to lower bad cholesterol levels, increase blood circulation and restore the skin’s ability to stay younger and healthier looking.

The supplements are made by CreAgri, a member of the Certified Organic Farmers Association.

Recommended daily dosage is two tablets. A bottle of 60 vegetable capsules costs $25.25; a bottle of 60 tablets costs $22.95; and the 2-ounce Olivenol liquid costs $20.95. To purchase, go to www.creagri.com or call 866-427-3247 for more information.

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