24 May

The Olives Table by Todd English

Todd English is articulate about how he cooks. His food is uniquely Mediterranean, muscular and sophisticated; he describes it as “refined rustic.” His purpose in The Olives Table is to show home cooks how to make simple Mediterranean ingredients “more interesting, more elaborate, more fun.

” These ingredients include lobster and foie gras, as well as fresh figs, artichokes, and other seasonal foods. Many dishes are elaborate show stoppers, as in Asparagus Risotto with Ragu of Crazy Mushrooms, Porcini Cream, and White Truffles, or time-consuming: Free-Form Tuscan-Style Rabbit Lasagne that you would more likely want to travel to Cambridge to enjoy. But also look for tempting, simpler dishes you can easily make, provided you have access to impeccable, fresh ingredients like tuna and local, vine-ripened tomatoes. A few highlights are Baked Potato Salad, Ginger Mustard Chicken, and My Mama’s Zucchini (a kind of stew). Look, too, for Chocolate Risotto.

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