24 May

In praise of the humble olive

Olives Festival in South Africa

Olives groves are fast becoming a fixture alongside the Cape’s vineyards, with the quaint sister towns of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West — a mere 5km apart — a hub of the local olive industry. Only fitting then, that they should host a weekend festival dedicated to these plump, flavoursome fruits of the Mediterranean.

The festival takes place on May 5,6 and 7, and offers Cape foodies the chance to tour the olive groves and learn about the production of olives and olive oils. There are also tastings, cellar tours, wine tastings and a farmers market featuring produce from the area.

Expect local restaurants to celebrate the humble olive, while artists and musicians provide the backdrop.

The Riebeek Valley is located in the Swartland district and is approximately an hour’s drive from Cape Town. Head out for the day, or stay over and explore further. Accommodation in the area ranges from the ultra luxurious to B&Bs and self-catering.

And for a bit of fun, catch the Riebeek Valley Olive Festival Train from Cape Town Station on the Saturday and Sunday.

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