09 Jun


Massimo Gargano, 43, a member of the national board of Coldiretti (national association of farmers) is the new president of Unaprol, the largest and most representative consortium of olive growers at a European and world level.

He is taking the place of Nicola Ruggiero. Agricultural entrepreneur involved in wine and olive growing, Gargano has been president of the association of olive growers of Rome and a member of the executive committee of Unaprol, as well as since 2004 having the role of president of the consultative group for olives and derivatives in the European Commission in Brussels. Massimo Gargano will be at the head of a board of directors representing the most representative areas of Italian olive growers. He will be helped in this role by the vice president, Onofrio Spagnoletti Zeuli, who is the director of Confagricoltura. Unaprol, which has recently been transformed into a limited partnership, is the organization of olive growers formed in 1966 by Coldiretti and Confagricoltura, and represents an organizational system involving over 750,000 olive growing enterprises from all across the country.

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