25 Aug

Sheryl Crow Promotes Organic Eating To Avoid Cancer

Cancer survivor Sheryl Crow has a stern message for fans – don’t drink water from plastic bottles left in your car. The rocker was stunned when she met with a nutritionist shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer because he alerted her to all the food choices that may have accelerated her disease. And now Crow is keen to pass on advice to fans who want to avoid cancer at all costs – and her top tip is for people to be careful what they’re drinking from.

She explains, “If it (plastic bottle) gets hot it’s omitting by-products that act as cancer… To heat in plastic, to freeze in plastic, it omits carcinogenics, and cooking in olive oil at a high heat; if it’s burning it’s carcinogenic. There are things we need to know and we need to educate people about eating organically.”

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