31 Aug

Processing record set for New Norcia olives

WITH the help of a few industrious volunteers and some hard working staff, ‘Grounds’ staff has set a record for processing olives.

1050kg of olives were picked and processed in three days last month resulting in 180 litres of olive oil, an overall yield of 15.52 per cent.

Grounds manager Gordon Smyth was pleased with the team effort, which included both paid staff and volunteers.

“It’s wonderful, we have achieved a great deal and we will keep working hard to get all the olives harvested before the end of t he season,” said Gordon.

After processing the olives, Gordon looks after the bottling process. The bottles are then sent onto the Museum where the staff place the labels on. It takes just over a week to complete the process from picking the olives, to pressing, to bottling, to getting them on the shelves of the Museum Art Gallery Gift Shop.

Sales of the high grade olive oil are going well at the Gift Shop that has a beautiful central display of the oil.

A fine tribute to the popular produce of New Norcia.

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