21 Sep

Easy to be impressed with pressed olive oil

by Nancy Berkoff,

Olives have different tastes, depending on the climate in which they are grown, the soil, the type and age of tree and the degree of ripeness at which they are picked. This means that olive oils have different tastes as well. For olive oil, you can add in the method in which the oil is pressed (hot versus cold press), storage and the end result desired by the producers.

When olives are ripe, they are picked by hand to limit damage to the fruit. Olives for oil are taken immediately to an olive oil mill where they are pressed. They must be pressed immediately, or they will begin to oxidize and ferment, yielding an unsalable product.

Virgin olive oil is pressed, or extracted, without heat, additives or solvents, and it has a lush, full taste and velvety mouthfeel. It can be used immediately.

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