28 Sep

Seven-metre fingernails win place in book of records

Another way to use Olives Oil…

Redmond, 65, earned an entry in the latest edition of Guinness World Records with the world’s longest fingernails that have now reached a resplendent 24 feet 7 inches (7.51 metres).

Redmond, who started growing her fingernails 27 years ago, has a meticulous routine to keep them in tip-top condition.

“I clean them with a toothbrush when they get dirty and always keep them manicured,” she said. Every day she treats them with warm olive oil and nail hardener.

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14 Responses to “Seven-metre fingernails win place in book of records”

  1. Elyse Says:

    i heve to say that is cool but kinda gross.

  2. Olives101 Says:

    you’re right, what if she want to scratch her head

  3. Sally Says:

    I think that you are crazy!! I don’t believe that they are real. You probably can’t do anything with them!!!

  4. Leena Says:

    OK wow..ummm thats kind of wierd…but hey …what a way to be different….

  5. Tefy Says:

    Thats so crazy !!!

  6. Alissssssa Says:

    Eeeeeww can u scratch my back ……lol

  7. princessleslee Says:


  8. nickie Says:

    wow i cant believe this it is soa lie those cant be real it has to be a trick or something

  9. Shannon Says:

    How does she wipe her butt?

  10. lissette Says:

    oh my gosh!! i have never seen anything like that!!!
    i bet u can’t wipe it down there!!! lol

  11. LIL MAMA Says:

    man dat shit is fake ya gots 2 stop lying bout trying 2 b america’s person wit da longest nails yall bullshitting yall asses out

  12. Olives101 Says:

    Hey Lil Mama, next time use google before saying it’s a fake, here is the link to the official Guinness Book


  13. vv Says:

    they are the most disgusting thing I’ve seen!!!! I’d love to get a big clippers to them and scissors to her hair… GROSS!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oliver Says:

    too bad for her,

    An American woman who held the record for having the world’s longest fingernails has them broken off in a car crash.


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