10 Oct

Olive Oil is good for your skin and massage

Olive oil is a versatile medium

Pure olive oil is not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also acts as a very good and effective anti-oxidant. This is the reason that olive oil can also protect your skin from harmful ultra-violet rays. Other than these, olive oil also acts as a very good healing agent. With all these properties, olive oil can be very beneficial for your skin.

The oil tends to percolate into the skin pores and then moisturizes the skin. Olive oil is also the preferred oil for massaging a baby as it makes their skin soft, supple and healthy. The oil is also very beneficial and effective for dry and bad hair, as it not only nourishes them but also gives it a very good shine.

Other than this, olive oil is also used in cooking and it is popular because it not only helps in better digestion, it is very rich in MUFA ie. mono unsaturated fatty acid, which in turn not only keeps the cholesterol level in check but also controls diabetes. There are three types of olive oil available in the market – namely extra virgin, virgin and pomace olive oil. Out of the three, the first two are the best for cooking. So, if you add just a little olive oil in your daily routine, then you can a a lot of problems that you generally tend to suffer in your day-to-day life.

Also cooking your food in olive oil is a good idea. While cooking changes the taste of the food, it also kills harmful germs. Cooking also affects the colour, texture and nutrition levels found in the food and overcooking food can leach food of all its nutrients. To get the benefit of eating healthy vegetables, cook them intelligently with a minimal amount of olive oil.

Cut vegetables into small pieces and then blanch them in boiling water – this ensures that enzymes in the vegetables are not lost. In the Indian diet, vegetables are major contributors of e vitamins A and C and some of the other important minerals and a majority of the vitamins and minerals get dissolved while boiling vegetables. The optimum way of cooking vegetables is stir frying them because while doing so, there is minimum loss of minerals and vitamins.

Even a simple salad can be made tasty when drizzled lightly with olive oil. So eat light, healthy and oily food if you like – but make sure it’s olive oil!

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