12 Oct

Plenty of uses for the ‘good oil’

By Ellen Vaz,

Cudal olive growers Ross and Trish Bragg make the most of their product around the house, and not just in cooking.

Their award-winning Paling Yards extra virgin olive oil comes in handy for a variety of things.

“We use it for absolutely everything. We even use the oil from the bottom of the barrel on our outdoor furniture.

“It’s also very good on your skin,” Mrs Bragg said.

The Braggs have been regulars at the Orange Region Farmers’ Market for about 12 months with a range including marinated olives, olive oil, poppyseed dressing and a dipping spice mix.

Mrs Bragg said interest in local produce was increasing.

“People love to have a local product and they’re learning very rapidly about what’s available here. It’s an excellent market and people are very food oriented,” she said.

Paling Yards Olive Grove products are also distributed to outlets in Bathurst, the Blue Mountains, Dubbo and Toowoomba.

The Braggs planted their first trees in 1999 as a diversification from traditional farming.

Cudal’s climate is ideally suited to growing the Mediterranean trees, however, the dry conditions have been challenging this year.

“We’ve had to consider the frost, but apart from that they’re well-suited to the climate.

“They’ll survive without irrigation, but they wouldn’t be commercial. We’ve already irrigated twice this year and last year we didn’t start until after Christmas,” Mrs Bragg said.

The Orange Region Farmers’ Market will be held in the Agricultural Pavilion of Orange Showground from 8.30am until 12 tomorrow.

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