13 Dec

Autumn Olives the latest cancer fighter

ISLAMABAD: Add another food to the list of those that can help fight off cancer. Called autumn olives, the berries have tremendously high levels of lycopene, which is supposed to help prevent cancer, according to an article.

The berries have up to 17 times more lycopene than tomatoes. The berries look and taste a little bit like cranberries. In Asia, they are eaten as a fruit. The bush itself is pretty common and is considered an invasive species in the United States. The bushes generally thrive, even in poor soil, and are often planted along roads and streams for erosion control and as a source of food for wildlife. The bushes often spread when birds eat the berries and scatter the seeds.

Lycopene is a chemical that is an antioxidant. Health experts say antioxidants attack roaming oxygen molecules known as free radicals that can trigger cancer.

Eating lots of lycopene has been linked to lower rates of prostate and other cancers, the article says. Health experts say they still have to study whether the lycopene in autumn olives is absorbed by the body.

To find out more about autumn olives, you can read this fact sheet from the Virginia Natural Heritage Program. If you don’t have a handy supply of autumn olives, you can make some other choices from this list of cancer-fighting foods from American.

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