25 Jan

Montenegro: Museum of olives under Rumija

The realization of the project named “House of olives” – museum of olive growing has begun in Old Bar.

The museum will include the exhibits from the past of the olive growing under Rumija, as well as the sales space for the most quality products made of olive.

The patron of the project is USAID – IRD, which has invested in that project about 27.000€, and it is predicted that the local community and the Ministry of agriculture will be included too.

The secretary of the Association of the olive growers from Bar, Sadetin Pericic said yesterday that in the “House of olives” the sales of the most quality olive oil, and conserved olives with the certificate about the quality of the Center for sub tropic cultures is predicted.

He added that they are also planning the making and the sales of the souvenirs made of olive tree, but also the sales of other autochthones agricultural products – honey, wine, dry figs, and healing herbs.

In the museum we will have a permanent exhibit display of the exhibits from the past of the olive growing – tools for work and treatment of olive trees, as well as the parts of the mills and dishes for preservation of the oil. Beside that, the “House of olives” will be open for all olive growers, who wish to, through the association, find a good market for their high quality products – said Pericic.

The Association yesterday invited all olive growers to give the museum collection samples of their family olive exhibits. The exhibits will be displayed under the name of the owner.

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