27 Jan

Searching for the green gold, olive harvest at La Rogaia

The agriturismo La Rogaia in Umbria offers a new kind of active holidays. Guests can come for the olive harvest in autumn and pick olives for their own olive oil – guaranteed extravergine and organic. They can learn about ancient agricultural traditions and take home extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, which is considered among the best of Italian olive oils.

Participants can participate in the harvest as much or as little as they want. They are not expected to pick large quantities but may enjoy this way of intense contact with nature. The olives are picked only manually, not with machines. “It takes longer to harvest a certain quantity of olives but thus the trees and the ears and nerves of the pickers are not damaged” says Annette Greifenhagen, from La Rogaia.

On the last day the olives are pressed and the “fluid gold” is embottled to be taken home.

Half of the olives the participants pick are theirs and they can take home the oil pressed from them. Depending on the year, the weather during the week and how much time one spends picking this can be between 2 and 15 litres olive oil per person per week.

Villa La Rogaia is an agriturismo situated near Lago Trasimeno in Umbria, Italy. It offers holiday apartments and a variety of creative classes, such as painting, dancing, cooking, italian language and many others. It offers also special holiday events, like participating in the olive harvest.
Villa La Rogaia is also an organic farm, that cultivates olive trees, produces finest extravergine olive oil and raises medicinal herbs and fragrant plants

Agriturismo La Rogaia, Azienda agricola biologica
Via Campagna 17
06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno
Umbria, Provincia di Perugia
e- mail: info@rogaia.de
www. rogaia.com

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