07 Feb

Olives with a difference

By James Szutarski,

Have all of those crocks of olives that are popping up at supermarkets and specialty stores tweaked your interest?
I know what some of you readers are thinking.

“I hate olives!” Right?

The problem, I find, is that the people who feel this way have only ever tried one variety of olives – the standard green olive with the red pimento.

The truth of the matter is that all olives are not created equal.

All varieties are very, very different in flavour, texture and size.

I never cared for the taste of olives growing up as a kid.

But as I grew older my palate changed.

I was reintroduced to the little dark brownish purple olive from Southern France, called Nicoise.

This soft-fleshed, not oily, fruity sweet olive changed my perception completely.

With such a great flavour I couldn’t help but think of a million recipes that could benefit from the flavour that this little olive has to offer.

I’m officially hooked.

I consider myself an olive junkie, and I am very excited to see the availability of the different varieties.

Some of these are even offered in bulk so that you may sample the variety without committing to buying a bottle that may sit in the fridge door for months.

So, my advice to you is purchase only what you need and try different varieties in your favourite recipes, or eat the olives alone.

Olives may not be your favourite idea of food, but they are extremely good for you.

[Source] Click here for some tasty recipes that may change your mind about olives while improving your health.

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