11 Feb

Pakistan: Rs642 million investment/5 years in Olive cultivation plan approved

By Shamim Shahid,

NWFP Governor Lt-Gen (rtd) Ali Muhammad Jan Aurakzai approved a five year comprehensive plan for olive cultivation in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) by giving a go ahead signal to the authorities of civil secretariat Fata during a presentation on the proposed project at Governor’s House here on Tuesday.

The governor stressed the need for constant monitoring of the project through periodical progress review as well as field monitoring. He described the project as another effort to ensure proper utilisation of the resources available in Fata for the benefit of the respective population.

The project, he added would have far reaching effects on the socio-economic condition of the people of respective areas besides contributing significantly towards national economy.

The presentation, made by the Secretary Planning and Development Department Fata Zafar Hassan, was also attended by the Additional Chief Secretary Fata Javed Iqbal, Secretary to Governor Azmat Hanif and officials of Forest and Agriculture departments dealing in Fata.

Giving a broad out line of the programme, Mr Hussain informed the meeting that the project would cost Rs642 million and would be completed in next five years.

The Forest Directorate of Fata would develop as many as 20 nurseries in all the seven tribal Agencies and 6 Frontier Regions (FRs), where 3 million plants would be produced.

Similarly the Agriculture department would carry out grafting of five millions wild olive to convert them into oil bearing plants. The department would also be responsible for community involvement in the process of grafting besides field operation and post-grafting management. The sustainable plains development project, as its share, will develop orchards on additional wasteland with a plantation target of 1.7 million olive plants.

It was estimated that an income of Rs6540 million per annum would be generated after five years due to the conversion of the wild olive and establishment of new orchards. On completion of the project, the Fata would have 6.7 million oil bearing olive plants, capable of producing approximately 21.8 million litres of edible oil annually.

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  1. Muhammad Azam Nazir Sheikh Says:

    Now pakistan is already producing olive oil and olive products, by-products from olive pulp, etc.

    for investmetn and other business relation like, we are lookinmg to represent any item realted to olives, from trees to technology, from machines to materials for packaging etc.

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