12 Feb

Ollo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wins At International Olive Oil Competition

Australian EVOO Selected for Best Chemical Composition at Inaugural ARMONIA Event

The premiere International Olive Oil Competition, ARMONIA, is a result of collaboration between Instituto Sperimentale per l’Olivicoltura (Olive Research Institute), ALMA—the International School of Italian Cooking and the Italian Academy of Cooking to promote the knowledge and appreciation of healthful and nutritional properties of high quality extra virgin olive oil. OLLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil competed with other top quality oils from the southern hemisphere. A separate competition is held for northern hemisphere producers to insure all oils are judged when they are as fresh as possible.

Awards are given to the best oils from each hemisphere. OLLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh & Fruity was recognized with a Gran Mantion Diploma for having one of the best chemical compositions of all entries.

OLLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil spokesperson, Roger Ley, is thrilled. “I can assure you I’ve always been proud of OLLO’s uncannily low percentage of oleic acid, but competing on the world stage with some of the top olive oil producers and getting this recognition is fantastic!” The European standard for olive oil to legally carry the Extra Virgin nomenclature is for the oil to have less than .8% acidity. Both OLLO Fresh & Fruity (early harvest olives) and Mild & Mellow (ripe harvest olives) average .3% acidity.

“I am also proud that OLLO is a premium mass market product that is affordable enough to be used in everyday cooking, says Ley. He explains there is a misconception that Extra Virgin Olive Oil be reserved for use as a gourmet condiment. “With a suggested retail of $9.99 for 500mL, great taste needn’t be associated with astronomical prices,” added the spokesperson.

Ley wants Americans to feel free to experience the exceptional flavor of OLLO Extra Virgin in all gastronomical pursuits. “People need to try OLLO on everything—from drizzling over garden-ripe tomatoes, warm fish or seafood and freshly steamed vegetables—to using it as a stand alone salad dressing, a marinade base and the ideal bruschetta ingredient. Instead of butter or vegetable oil, people need to taste the flavor difference OLLO Extra Virgin makes when sautéing or baking,” says Ley.

As an insight to the benefits and flavor of this amazing food, Ley points out that olive oil is a fruit juice. “Fruit juice is at its flavor and nutrition peak when it’s made directly after picking from the tree. That is one of the reasons OLLO Extra Virgin is so flavorful. OLLO olives are cold-pressed within a couple hours of picking,” explained Ley.

Find Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin OLLO Olive Oil at selected food markets across America.

About OLLO

The heart of OLLO is situated in a nearly 1000-acre property east of South Australia’s Riverland town, Waikerie. This is where the olives are grown, picked, crushed, cold-pressed and the oil blended and bottled. OLLO’s state-of-the-art production facility is surrounded by more than 110,000 olive trees, enabling the olives to be cold pressed within hours of harvest.

The Barossa Olive Oil Company and OLLO are part of the Mitolo Group, a family-run business that includes the largest potato and onion production in the southern hemisphere. Hailing from Sulmona in Abruzzi, Italy, the Mitolo Family has deep roots in the Mediterranean tradition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and now offers a truly premium oil accessible to all consumers.

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