15 Feb

Triumphant arrival for new Australian Olive Oil

‘ollo’ award-winning Australian extra virgin olive oils arrive on shelves in UK

Two new award-winning Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from the family which built one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest horticultural companies, have arrived at Sainsbury Supermarkets just as they scoop yet another accolade from industry giants. ollo Fresh & Fruity was last week presented with a Gran Mantion Diploma in Italy, at the inaugural International Olive Oil Awards, ARMONIA, which acknowledged the superior chemical composition of the product.

ollo Extra Virgin Olive Oil spokesperson, Roger Ley, is thrilled. “I can assure you I’ve always been proud of ollo’s uncannily low percentage of oleic acid, but competing on the world stage with some of the top olive oil producers and getting this recognition is fantastic!” The European standard for olive oil to legally carry the Extra Virgin nomenclature is for the oil to have less than .8% acidity. Both ollo Fresh & Fruity (early harvest olives) and Mild & Mellow (ripe harvest olives) average .3% acidity.

“I am also proud that ollo is affordable enough to be used in everyday cooking, says Ley. He explains there is a misconception that Extra Virgin Olive Oil be reserved for use as a gourmet condiment. “With a retail price of £5.99 for 500mL, great taste needn’t be associated with astronomical prices,” added the spokesperson.

The international recognition is a further coup for the new Australian olive oil, which is produced in South Australia’s most famous wine region, as it comes hot on the heels of an award from the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels which selected ollo Fresh and Fruity, as the first Australian olive oil to meet their exacting standards. Their tough judging panel is made up of some of Europe’s leading chefs and food experts. Reports from judges said ollo Fresh & Fruity was a well-balanced oil with great colour, fresh appetising aroma and harmonious finesse with delicate peppery overtone.

Ley continued; ”ollo is redefining the meaning of olive oil. As a “fruit juice”, ollo has wonderful flavours and aromas as one would expect from a fruit that has been freshly squeezed, yet so many oils just don’t have these essential characteristics. We say, if you can’t slurp it, don’t use it.

Our fun advertising campaign features the olives that don’t make the grade and must find a life elsewhere as an addition to a Martini or on-top of pizza. We only use the best home grown Australian olives to produce our two flavour profiles. Mild & Mellow is a later harvest using buttery, sweeter, riper olives in contrast to Fresh & Fruity is produced earlier in the season when the olives are greener and have a natural fruity and peppery taste. Many consumers don’t realise that the time of harvest affects the taste of the oil and it’s our goal to educate consumers on how to use and taste this fantastic “juice”.

Frank Mitolo, Group Managing Director of the Barossa Olive Oil Company, a division of the Mitolo family firm which produces ollo added, “The Mitolo family have a proud Italian heritage and ollo brings together the best of European traditions together with our outstanding Australian state-of-the-art production facility in the Riverland, where more than 100,000 olive trees surround the faculty, enabling the olives to be cold pressed within hours of harvest” says
“We’re also dedicated to helping consumers appreciate olive oils and distinguish between varying blends. ollo’s Fresh & Fruity and Mild & Mellow have such distinct flavours that consumers will be able to choose a blend that suits them.”

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