21 May

Extra Virgin – a Pain Killer?

Scientific research has discovered that the properties of pure extra virgin olive oil contain an ingredient that acts similarly to ibuprofen, though not so strong.

Nature journal has reported that olive oil has special anti-inflamatory properties, and that it is useful in helping to combat the effects of ailments such as arthritis.

The active ingredient is called oleocanthal. It is not really strong enough to use against a headache, for example, but regular and continued use of olive oil should definitely cause a build up that will make a difference in any disease that requires inflamation relief.

Inflamation has of course been linked to other diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. Olive oil, while perhaps not a cure-all for these types of diseases, can only help to relieve the symptoms.

Olive oil is the natural and central ingredient in the so-called “Mediterranean diet,” long hailed as being one of the healthier diets in the world. The message here is obvious: consume plenty of olive oil, and even if it doesn’t actually help your ailments, it certainly will taste delicious at least!

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