26 May

Olive Oil – The Stuff Of Museums

When you think of museums you tend to think of dry, dusty glass cases filled with old bones, or pottery. But that’s the Victorian image, and of course, museums worldwide have moved on. They’ve even moved on to the point where a theme, rather than an artifact, is honoured.

Olive oil is important to the Meditteranean basin. So much so that there are a number of museums dedicated to the humble olive and its oil. There are olive oil museums to be found in Turkey, Italy and Greece and elsewhere.

In Turkey, the Adatepe Olive Oil Museum was opened in 2001. It’s the only museum of its kind in the country, and it’s there to, “preserve the literary and visual history of olive oil production in Turkey…” In Italy you can visit the Museo dell’ Olivo, opened in 1982, the Olive Tree Museum has over 30,000 visitors a year. In Greece, The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil opened its doors to the public in December of 2002.

There are other museums dedicated to olives and olive oil. Seek them out and learn the history. Then go home and indulge yourself in the wonderful oil that the Mediterranean people thrive on.

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