12 Jun

Extra Virgin – A Strange Name For Oil

Many people have remarked over the years that “Extra Virgin” is a very strange name to apply to a type of olive oil. And they are right too – kind of… The term is given to the oil extracted from olives that is in its purest possible state. This is oil that has not undergone any kind of treatment other than washing and filtering. The oil is obtained using only mechanical means in a way that does not alter the oil in the slightest. That’s extra virgin!

There’s other kinds of virgin oil that can be obtained from the olive though. Fine virgin oil is close to extra virgin, but not quite as good. Virgin oil is a classification that describes an olive oil that has been pressed in a single simple way.

The lower grades of olive oil, some are not fir for human consumption and used as lamp oil, include: semi fine; refined; pure; refined olive-pomace oil; olive pomace oil; and pomace oil, which has industrial uses mainly.

But of course, extra virgin olive oil is the best there is, and the one that most discerning users reach for.

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  1. Desre Says:

    hi, i want to plant olive trees in my gardern. We are situated in Gauteng, South Africa. I would appreciate it if you could help me with the best olive to produce oil from. I would also like to know which trees will servive in our levels of climate. Thank you!

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