13 Jun

Olive Oil – Not Just A Food

We all know how great olive oil – especially extra virgin olive oil – is. But there are a great many uses for this wonderful fruit oil that many people are completely unaware of. Here are a few…

Olive oil is a great hair tonic as well as a great hair conditioner. A drop or two on the palm of one hand, then both hands rubbed together before applying gently to the hair does wonders. This is especially good for frizzy hair too. You hair will thrive on this recipe if you do it on a daily basis. And your hair will look great too!

Do you need lip balm? A little olive oil melted along with some beeswax in a small tin becomes a great lip balm when it cools and solidifies. Pure olive oil will also help remove make up very efficiently. And for men who are looking for an unusual, but surprisingly good shaving "cream," just use some olive oil.

After all that bodily preparations you will be in need of some refreshment. Crush some garlic, mix with aome butter and add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil. Then make some garlic bread and enjoy!

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