21 Jun

The miracle ingredient in an olive being produced

The Kale Natural Herb Company in the Edremit district of Balýkesir began producing a component named ‘oleuropein’ that is used in cosmetics and cancer treatment. Producing the component both in liquid and powder form with a special method decomposing an olive leaf, the company developed commercial ties with various companies from 10 different countries, according to the Doðan news agency.

Production Manager Gülden Esen, stating that their aim is to make progressive moves in Turkish medical industry, said: “We have established our institution. In a very short time, we will start to export this product which can be used in food and cosmetics as well”.

Esen, emphasizing that 10 universities in Turkey supported their studies said, “this product will help to reduce the import of medical raw materials. Medicines will become cheaper.”

The company’s owner Faruk Durukan underlined the cell renewing and anti-aging effects of ‘oleuropein’ by emphasizing the widespread usage of the material in cancer treatment. Durukan said: ”The olive – which is known to have beneficial effects against viruses, bacteria and fungi – was discovered to have beneficial effects against cancer as well research showed. Today in the United States, the price of 60 pills made out of olives is $30. The olive apart from having components that are effective in cancer treatment also contains vitamin A, D, E and K.”

“Olive is good for digestion disorders, gall bladder diseases and especially for intestinal cancer and heart diseases. We have concluded our five-year studies. We completed the legal requirements and procedures for production. We will no longer import oleuropein but export instead,” added Durukan.

The tree lives for 2,000 years
The olive tree has been considered holy and magical for thousands of years by many different cultures. The vital reason behind this is that the olive tree has a life span of 2,000 years and actually requires no special care. The latest research on olive trees prove that the most active component of the olive leaf containing 101 different components is Oleuropein. The material, which is one of the ‘polyphenol antioxidants’ protects the tree against external factors and renews the cells.

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