27 Jun

Just a touch of olive oil

By Jan Risher,

olive oil bottle“Many hosts are looking for new ways to prepare meals that are a little less expected,” says Bob Bauer, president of the North American Olive Oil Association. “The recipes we developed specifically for summer events use common ingredients and straightforward preparation methods, plus they can be adjusted to suit personal preferences or readily available fresh produce. The results are alluring and full of flavor with a heart-healthy dose of olive oil, offering new ideas beyond the basic burger.”

Cedar Grocery, located at 1115 Jefferson Street, has been selling a variety of high-quality olive oils for 27 years.

“In the gallons section, we have 15 types of gallons. In bottles, we have 15 to 20 kinds,” says Cedar Grocery owner Nabil Loli. “The quality I have is some of the best. I carefully pick what I buy.”

Loli says his olive oils range in price and flavors. He sells olive oils from Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey starting at about $22 a gallon and going up to about $36 a gallon.

“It doesn’t mean that if it’s expensive it tastes better. It could be good for me and not good for you,” Loli says. “You cannot close your eyes and taste and say, ‘This is Greek olive oil.’ It’s just like drinking wine. You can tell a good olive oil, but you can’t tell where it’s from. Each one has a different taste. Some people like mild. Some people like strong. Some like fruity.”

Loli says the shelf life of olive oil varies.

“Generally they put them in cans because light doesn’t get to it to protect the color and flavor,” he says. “But the shelf live averages about two years.”

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