05 Jul

Turkey: Olives Oil always get a share of the market


One of the products in Turkey with no problems securing a share of the market is olive oil. Cahit Çetin, president of Tariş — a union of agricultural sales cooperatives from the Aegean and Marmara regions dealing in figs, raisins, cotton, and oilseeds (including olives) — said that the olive oil market in Turkey was rapidly developing and that it could easily compete with Italy in 20 years’ time. Olive oil is also undergoing a rising trend on the global market. Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia have been all been particularly prominent in recent years. However the greatest buyer is the US.

Çetin noted that they produced 80 types of olive oil within Tariş and that the Erkence type was chosen as the highest-quality olive oil last year in Turkey. Exporting olive oil for decades, Turkey on average exports 15,000 tons of packaged olive oil and 100,000 tons of bulk olive oil annually. The number of destination countries for Turkish olive oil now totals 38 and Tariş has franchise stores in Canada and Russia. One of the most important locations for olive production of the last few years has been Manisa’s Akhisar district.

The number of olive saplings planted this year so far has totaled 7 million, which equates to 40,000 per farmer. With the help of its vast areas of land and suitable climate five types of olive are grown in Akhisar — which has even moved ahead of Gemlik in production quotas. Akhisar Chamber of Commerce board member Bülent Birel said that the sector was supported by the state, which provided YTL 250 per quarter-acre of new olive plantation. Birel also noted that the European market was closed to them since EU-member states bought olive only from one another, barring Turkey from competing with countries like Italy and Spain. Noticing the rapid development of the olive sector, famous white meat producer Keskinoğlu has also invested in this sector. Producing olive under the brand Ravika, it has already captured 8 percent of the market. In addition to table olives, it has also put various flavored and vinegar-blended olive oils (salad dressings) onto the market.

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