09 Jul

10m olive saplings ready for export from Iran

Hossein Yousefi told IRIBNews on Sunday that Iran, which is the current president of the International Olive Council, issued identification cards for 300,000 olive trees in the year to March 2007.

He stressed that the councils member-states have welcomed Irans export plan.

At present, each olive sapling is priced between three and seven dollars in the global market, the official explained.

Yousefi contended that if Iran follows up its export plan and targets European markets, it would be a source of lucrative revenues.

Meanwhile, the official noted that the ministry has signed deals with research and academic centers to identify 100,000 plant genes by March 2008.

Yousefi said that in the first stage, genetic reserves of ten agricultural products namely pomegranate, grapes, almond, walnut, fig, apple, pear, olive, pistachio and date–indigenous Iranian plants–will be identified and registered.

He noted that genetic reserves of pistachio and pomegranate are currently being identified.

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  1. Godasu Ramakrishna Says:


    I Have a plan to grow olive in my native area which in Andhra Pradesh.

    I required Olive Saplings & Guidens

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