07 Aug

Olive oil facts

  • olive oil spoonAll olive oils have 14 grams of fat per tablespoon.
  • Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, the highest class of olive oils, is from the first pressing of the olive. It never comes into contact with chemicals or heat and is less than 1 percent acid. It has the fruitiest, most pronounced flavor. It is also the most expensive olive oil.
  • Light olive oil, which may also be labeled “olive oil,” has been so finely filtered as to remove most of its color, fragrance and flavor. It has a higher smoke point and is well-suited to high-temperature frying.
  • Olive oil loses flavor as it ages. Air, heat and light will cause olive oil to turn rancid. Olive oil with a buttery taste is probably rancid.
  • Refrigeration does not harm most grades of olive oil, but it is not recommended for extra-virgin oil because condensation may develop in the bottle, affecting the flavor.
  • When storing olive oil, the bottle should be tightly sealed.

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