18 Sep

ChefShop.com, announces its support of The Jasmine Foundation

5 Percent of Yellingbo Gold Olive Oil Revenue from Gourmet Retailer ChefShop.com to Support Orphans of the 2004 Tsunami

ChefShop.com, a premier online gourmet food retailer, announces its support of The Jasmine Foundation by contributing 5 percent of Yellingbo Gold olive oil revenues to the foundation. The Jasmine Foundation provides relief to orphans of the December 2004 tsunami in civil war-torn Sri Lanka. Australia’s Three Bridges Olive Grove, the producer of Yellingbo Gold olive oil, contributes 5 percent of all olive oil revenues to the foundation.

Howard and Jeremy Meltzer of Three Bridges Olive Grove produce an artisanal extra-virgin olive oil called Yellingbo Gold. “We absolutely love the olive oil,” said Tim Mar, President and co-owner of ChefShop.com. “A few weeks back, we had the opportunity to get to know Howard’s son, Jeremy, and we heard some amazing stories about the tsunami and Jeremy’s participation in the relief efforts. Jeremy’s two sisters were both in Southeast Asia when the tsunami hit, and although they both survived, many others were not so lucky. Jeremy’s stories of the tsunami and its aftermath moved us to tears.”

In the months following the disaster, a friend of Jeremy’s established the Jasmine Foundation, and Jeremy became its director. The foundation focuses on getting aid to war-torn eastern Sri Lanka, where few other agencies will go because of the dangerously volatile political situation. “The Jasmine Foundation is doing some very important work,” said Mar. “We feel honored to be able to help the foundation financially, and help get the word out about what they’re doing.”

For more information about the Jasmine Foundation, ChefShop.com or the gourmet retailer’s contribution of Yellingbo Gold olive oil revenues, please visit jasminefoundation.org or ChefShop.com.

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