24 Sep

Torres y Ribelles, a Spanish Olive Oil Producer

Presentation of Torres y Ribelles, one of the oldest Olive oil company in Spain

7 Responses to “Torres y Ribelles, a Spanish Olive Oil Producer”

  1. Jamal Jo Says:

    Simply W O W……..am awestruck (plz check spelling)Wish all the success to Torres y Ribelles. Please help keep our planet healthy.

  2. Aawaraah Says:

    How do I contact Torres y Ribelles to talk business with them. I am basically hunting for the best possible Olive oil to market in my home country (Guess which one,Right answer will qualify you for 1 litre can of Olive oil…howzit just for guesswork?)

  3. Olives101 Says:

    Hi Guys, here is the their adress :

  4. Aawarah Jo Says:

    Oh Great luck man, ‘am so fortunate. Going thru the video a couple of times got me their contact. Must say, the video is not only informative but quite educative as well on the subject ie Olive.

  5. Aawarah Jo Says:

    Hey Olives101..Thanks buddy..you so kind and so quick..amazing ! You surely are an Olive oil eater, (drinker possibly)

  6. Olives101 Says:

    You’re welcome! and yes, olives and oil are my business but also my passion ;o)

    Take a look at this post:

    and good luck with Torres y Ribelles

  7. Jose Antonio Says:

    I’ld like give thanks for your interesting in our products.
    If you need simething more this is my email


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