29 Sep

Qazvin, the second Olive producer of Iran

Harvest operations of Olive have been started over 4 Thousand Hectares of fruitful gardens of this province.
Translated By: Aref Mohammadzadeh,

(IANA) – “15 Thousand Tons of Olive are harvested for canning and making Olive oil,” predicted Masoud Rabbani.

“Harvesting for canning has been started and that of oil will be started in November,” he added, pointing out that about 70 percent of Olive is used for canning and the rest for making oil.

“The main Olive type of Iran is produced in the division “Taram Sofla” of the province Qazvin,” mentioned Rabbani.

According to him there are currently 2 Thousand Hectares of non-fruitful saplings of Olive in the province.

The province Qazvin has 480 Thousand Hectares of gardening and farming lands that produce 3 Million Tons of agricultural commodities of this province annually.\

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