09 Oct

Peruvian olives facing the United States market

According to estimates of the Foreign Trade Institute of Spain, United States consumes about 170,000 tons of olives annually, which accounts for over half a kilo per habitant. That could be explained because of the higher conscience of Americans about healthy products as well as the new preferences for exotic products. Therefore, olives are consumed in salads, as snacks, in pizzas and sandwiches.

Even though the United States produces olives, it is important to notice that it is a net importer because almost all of the production responds to black olives and is used mostly for olive oils. Then, it is observed that the US imports of fresh and processed olives grew 26% between 2003 and 2006, being the fresh and frozen olives the ones that registered the biggest change. These same figures reveal that the value of the imports has grown more than the volume, which suggests that the United States is now consuming olives of a higher quality and added value, a situation that favours exporter countries like Peru.

Nowadays, the main exporter of this product to the United States is Spain, who is responsible for over 38% of the total amount, followed by Mexico, Greece and Morocco who account for 22%, 13% and 6% respectively. However, figures in 2005 reveal that Spain is loosing market share while countries like Morocco and Honduras, both countries with active FTA with the US, are growing in the market.

Peru is today number ten in the ranking of olive exporters but the tendency in the last years has been very dynamic. An expansion of 14% between years 2005 and 2006 is observed in this market. The main products exported by Peru are olives prepared or preserved in vinegar or acetic acid and olives not canned in saline solution, which amounted 2,689 869 USD and 900,375 USD respectively in the 2006.

It is important to notice that the American market constitutes an opportunity for olive exports but due to the fact that Peruvian companies still cannot face huge orders it might be better to rely on minor distributors and special fancy food stores.

Once again, this article shows that there are enormous opportunities for Peruvian products in the United States market, especially for regions with agro- industry potential. So, facing the approval of the Peru United States TPA is urgent to share this business opportunities in order to promote the capacities for taking the best advantage of it.

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