13 Oct

Is Olive Oil The Healthier Choice?


Could olive oil be your way to healthy eating? Chief Alex Rodriguez of Miami’s Baptist Hospital and a slew of others think so.

Alex loves to cook, and he loves to cook healthy. So at Miami’s Baptist Hospital he serves up lean meats and loads of vegetables with a splash of olive oil.

“I use olive oil. And I use it because it’s healthier, it’s tasteful, and it’s a great product.”

Many of us do the same especially after several studies have suggested olive oil can help lower cholesterol, or improve blood vessel function.

But now all those health claims about olive oil are cooking up quite a controversy, while most health experts would say olive oil is probably healthier than butter it may not be as healthy as fish oil or canola oil.

“Well olive oil seems to be lower in Omega-3, which is the heart benefiting oil, and canola oil is higher in Omega-3 like fish oil,” said Susan Nowrouzi a dietician at Baptist Hospital

Some experts point out that olive oil is 10% higher in saturated fat, double the amount in canola oil. Some doubt it lowers cholesterol at all. According to a study in 2000, olive oil does not help blood vessel function, while Omega-3 fish oil and canola oil did.

“Olive oil is a healthy oil, canola oil is a healthy oil for the same reason, they are both high in mono-unsaturated fats,” said Sheah Rarback, a nutritionist at the University of Miami.

She adds that the two oils have a lot in common- both are good sources of fat-but like all oils canola and olive oil are 100% fat and they contain more than double the calories of carbs or protein.

In the end experts say moderation is key.

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