22 Oct

Tunisia: Olive Oil Seeks Global Positioning At “2007 Anuga” Salon in Cologne, Germany

One of the world’s leading producers of olive oil, Tunisia is seeking to further entrench its positioning on the world olive oil market.

Tunisia ‘s participation at the “2007 Anuga” (International salon of agro-food industries and technologies) Salon in Cologne , Germany is seen by observers as a step in that direction.

The Salon which ran from October 13 to 17, 2007 , witnessed the participation of some 6000 exhibitors from 156 countries; 160,000 visitors attended the event.

The Tunisian pavilion which spread over a surface of 400 square meters , grouped 30 exponents, as well as wide range of Tunisian products such as dates, biscuits, harissa, canned food and of course the precious golden liquid whose demand has soared in the world.

Tasting and sampling séances were scheduled with the collaboration of the Sfax Olive Tree Institute, attracting many visitors and business opportunities.

9 Tunisian olive oil exporting companies took part in the event, aiming at promoting Tunisian olive oil, assuredly one of the finest in the world, but still in search of a ‘label’.

To find a solution to this problem which has mobilized many professional in the sector, the Fund for the promotion of conditioned olive oil (Foprophoc), is painstakingly striving at better positioning Tunisian olive oil on world markets. By 2011 the Fund is aiming at a 10% increase of Tunisian conditioned olive oil exports, in order to give Tunisian olive oil the place it deserves in the world.

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