05 Nov

Give a live olive tree as a gift from Lindsay Olives

By Guy Keeler,

You can give the symbol of peace and goodwill this holiday season — and help needy people around the world — by giving live olive trees to the green thumbs on your Christmas list.

Lindsay Olives, a division of Bell-Carter Foods Inc., is offering manzanilla olive trees to gift givers through the end of December. The two-year-old trees, which are 3 feet tall and come wrapped in burlap, are available for $50 plus shipping.

Proceeds from tree sales go to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is combating world hunger and improving environmental conditions by planting edible fruit trees and plants. The trees, ready for immediate planting in warm weather areas, come with planting and care instructions. Most will begin bearing fruit when four or five years old. The olive branch long has been regarded as a symbol of peace. In the biblical account of the flood, a dove sent out by Noah returned with an olive branch, indicating the end of God’s anger. The flag of the United Nations features a map of the world surrounded by two olive branches.

To order gift olive trees, call (800) 765-2029 or go to www.lindsayolives.com.

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