06 Dec

Adopting an Olive Tree helps to protect the environment

After Nudo, an organic farm in the green hills of Umbria, Italy, proposes an unusual gift idea for Christmas: Adoption of an olive tree, a present that will help to preserve nature.

The olive tree is one of the oldest cultivated plants of humanity. Since antique times it is a symbol for peace, longevity, health and strength. A mythological tree. Greek mythology wants it that goddess Athena herself gave it as a present to mankind.

La Rogaia offers Olive Tree Gift Packages, for one year or for a whole life. The adoption of an olive tree is not only a gift of high symbolical value: it includes getting finest quality extra virgin olive oil from one’s own tree.

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  1. jessica Says:

    I loved the idea of adopting a olive tree and came across an orchard in the US that is doing the same thing as Nudo. It is a small family owned orchard just outside of Austin Texas. Check it out at: http://www.texashillcountryoliveco.com.

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