17 Jan

Charity association puts used olive oil receptacles around Malaga to prevent contamination of the sea

By Gema Martínez,

The aim of the initiative is to collect 200,000 litres of used olive oil to be converted into soap and bio-diesel. More than one and a half thousand kilos of fats reach the beaches of Malaga province each day

Straight to the rubbish bin. This is where approximately five thousand tons of used olive oil was dumped last year in Malaga city, where only one family in a hundred go to the trouble of having their used cooking oils recycled.

As we all know, oil and water do not mix, and the present water purification systems in use still allow 1,600 kilos of fats and oils to reach the sea each day, forming a white froth on the surface when the water temperature rises. Vegetable fats, along with carbohydrates, are the most common contaminating materials found in analyses of these residues, and are also a major source of contamination of marine flora and fauna.

From now on, however, used olive oil can be used to help finance social aid projects in the poverty-stricken outlying area of Lima, in Peru, where five million people live in unhygienic conditions. Among them are the so-called ‘piraña children’ who survive from day to day on the rubbish tips of the city.

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