28 May

200 tonnes of Marlborough olives head to the press

By Rachel Young,

Harvest has started, but not as many in Marlborough know it this time it is the olives that are being gathered.

The Marlborough olive press started up on Monday and already is expected to press more than 200 tonnes of olives over the next month, with 71 different people already having booked their crops in.

The press was sold to 28 different shareholders about six months ago, with Awatere River and Seresin Estate as two of the major shareholders.

Seresin Estate estate manager Colin Ross said the harvest usually lasted between six to eight weeks and the crops were looking fantastic.

Yesterday was Seresin Estate’s first day of harvesting with a mixture of a shaker machine harvester, which grabs the trunk and shakes it vigorously, and hand picking being used to gather the olives, depending on the size of the tree.

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