12 Nov

Pakistan on long road to olive farming

By Bronwyn Curran,

In the dry hills of Pakistan’s violence-racked frontier with Afghanistan, an olive branch is being extended from Italy to tribesmen under fire from both US drones and Taliban fighters.

Rome is in the early throes of an ambitious project to convert Pakistan’s barren wild olive groves into fruit-bearers, establish new olive plantations and give birth to a new industry in olive oil production.

The troubled tribal hinterland is the poorest in Pakistan. It has little home-grown industry other than marble, fruit, pine nuts and crude weapons. Yet its climatic conditions and monsoon-free geography make it prime country for olive cultivation and a potential new edible oil industry.

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  1. ahmer muhammad Says:

    my name is ahmer and i am a new farmer in Thatta distt .i saw this website and like very much.

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