09 Dec

Economic Downturn Effect Patient Health and Diets

Over 56% of American Dietetic Association members surveyed report that they are concerned that the current economic downturn will have a negative effect on their patients’ ability to maintain or achieve a healthy weight, according to a survey conducted by the California Olive Committee.

Almost three-quarters (72.2%) of the registered dieticians and nutritionists expressed concern that the economic downturn would create financial obstacles to their patients’ ability to purchase or afford healthy foods; while over 66% indicated concern that the economy would create emotional distractions to their patients’ abilities to maintain their prescribed diets or programs.

A majority of the dieticians also indicated that the economy is creating differences in their own lives, with almost 60% indicating they had personally made modifications in their own grocery purchases.

The Internet based survey was answered by 492 American Dietetic Association members during the week prior to the annual Food & Nutrition Conference, which took place October 25-28. It was conducted by the California Olive Committee, which represents the growers and canners of California Black Ripe Olives.

The full survey and all stats and charts can be viewed here

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  1. Ruzanna Says:

    this is a true calculation, but when we eat healthily (even when it is expensive), we become more healthy and spend less on doctors’ visits. thus i choose to spend more on healthy food, than on trying to recover damaged health.

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