09 Apr

Cook’s Books: Olive oil, the American way

By Amanda Gold,

Purchasing olive oil these days can be a dizzying feat. Is it best to go for the more traditional Italian stuff? A particular varietal? Fruity or peppery? Mild? Robust?

book-olive-oil-the-american-wayAccording to local chef and author Fran Gage, however, keeping it local – or at least domestic – isn’t a bad idea. In her new book, “The New American Olive Oil,” Gage narrows the choices by demystifying – and celebrating – American olive oil.

Best known for her now-closed Fran Gage Patisserie Francaise in San Francisco and previous books including “Chocolate Obsession” and “A Sweet Quartet: Sugar, Almonds, Eggs and Butter,” Gage says that olive oil wasn’t a fat she was familiar with until later in life.

But after joining the California Olive Oil Council as a tasting panelist, she says her knowledge has increased “a hundredfold.”

It’s clear after reading the book.

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