11 May

Spanish olive oil producers get support from the EU to expand export markets

In an effort to avoid the local drop in sales, Spanish wine and olive oil producers decided to join forces and boost the export market over the next year through promotion and marketing campaign also supported by the Spanish government and EU with a budget between 18 and 45 million euros.

The export market of these products is good but products are sold in bulk and therefore at reduced prices. To increase sales, wine will receive around 16 million euros in EU funds this year, 32 million euros next year and 40 million euros for later campaigns that will take place only in non EU countries.

Olive oil received 1.6 million campaign for the promotion of olive oil in non EU countries financed by Icex, the Andalucian regional government and other 5 million will be used to promote it in countries such as Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Spain itself.

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