10 Jun

$200,000 boost for Australian Olive Association

The Australian Olive Association (AOA) is celebrating a welcomed boost after the Federal Government confirmed a $200,000 grant, which will enable the AOA to develop a high-profile marketing campaign to promote Australian extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

The funding, announced by Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke, is part of a $2 million wider initiative for 15 projects to help Australia’s food and seafood industries promote themselves to domestic and export markets.

The AOA will use the Australian Government grant to improve its capacity to promote the quality, freshness and health benefits of Australian extra virgin olive oil and table olives and engender a sense of loyalty for Australian olive products.

“The quality of Australian extra virgin olive oil is among the best in the world and we want people to know that,” AOA president Paul Miller said.

“We’re delighted to receive the funding which will go a long way to educating Australians about the quality and freshness of Australian extra virgin olive oil, as well as to ensure our country’s olive produce has a global presence.

The campaign will also focus on raising trade and consumer awareness of the AOA’s recently introduced Code of Practice.

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