26 Oct

Australian Olive industry attacks Coles and Woolworths over labelling

Coles and Woolworths are resisting pressure to comply with recommended labelling standards for extra virgin olive oil.

The new guidelines were introduced this year to reduce the amount of refined oils being sold as 'premium' or 'extra light'.
President of the Australian Olive Association, Paul Miller, says Aldi supermarkets are already using the standards.
"What concerns me is the fight between the duopoly they've taken olive oil and turned it into a weapon between them as one of the products that they're slashing the price of, just to try and get people in the stores," he said.
"I think it's actually damaging the category as much as anything else."
"It's a bit of a slow process. They're arguing that their systems take time. They're also concerned that when there are changes, in particular categories, it may put consumers off.
"But Aldi Europe uses exactly the same process that is in the Australian standard to authenticate its olive oils and Aldi Australia is doing exactly the same thing."