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17 Mar

Italy: discovering olive harvesting and olive pressing

By, Every Sunday at 1pm on One TV &, Avventura fil-Kampanja will be continuing discovering olive harvesting and olive pressing for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Tuscany. We will be seeing harvest with the use of modern machinery meaning that just one olive tree is harvested in 5 minutes. However, […]

02 Feb

Producing Table Olives in Australia

Australia has the ideal conditions for growing and processing table olives. In a climate where the majority of table olives eaten by Australians are imported, real opportunities exist for a domestic table olive industry. Attention to quality and safety will ensure that Australian table olive producers are in a position to tackle and make inroads […]

26 Sep

Huile d’olive

Huile d’olive, qui es-tu? D’où viens-tu? Quelles sont les règles à suivre pour apprécier à leur juste valeur tes saveurs nées de la terre et du soleil de Provence, d’Italie, d’Espagne, du Portugal, de Grèce, d’Australie, de Nouvelle-Zélande, des États-Unis ou d’Afrique du Nord? Robert Beauchemin répond à toutes ces questions et nous livre une […]

05 Aug

Oil & Vinegar

Click here to watch the video By Vince Gerasol, (CBS) SKOKIE They’re small, but flavorful. There are more than 70 kinds of olives, and their oils are finding their way into more and more kitchens. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports there are many ways to fit olive oil into your Table for 2. Whether in […]

05 Jul

[Australia] Booklet gives overview of olives

A PROMOTIONAL booklet for Victoria’s burgeoning olive industry was launched at Yarrawonga yesterday. Victoria’s Agriculture Minister Bob Cameron launched Victorian Olive Industry Overview at Rich Glen Olives. “The Victorian olive industry is growing rapidly with more than 2000 producers supplying domestic and export markets,” Mr Cameron said. “More than $300 million has been invested in […]