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24 Mar

Harvesting and Production of Olive Oil in Aurigo, Liguria – Italy

22 Mar

Olive oil loses antioxidants after six months storage

A new study has discovered that if olive oil has been sitting on the shelf for six months, it can lose up to 40 percent of its health benefits. The research was carried out an analysis on several varieties of extra-virgin olive oil produced from groves in the Italian countryside at production and during storage. […]

22 Mar

Olives and Olive Oil Trivia

Test your knowledge with this little Trivia. A. What is the average life span of an olive tree? 300 years 450 years 600 years All of the above B. Which country produces the most olive oil today? Spain Italy France Greece C. How many varieties of olives are there in the world? 10 25 70 […]

21 Mar

6th Edition of Vinolive, a Turkish Olive and Olives Oil Fair

The Aegean province of Izmir will host the Sixth Vinolive Olives, Olive Oil and Technology Fair between May 21 and 24. Georgian Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli had a meeting with IZFAS’s director general Dogan Isleyen, and received information about the upcoming fair. More than 150 Turkish and foreign companies are expected to join the […]

18 Mar

NZ: CRI denies involvement in olive oil judging scandal

By Allan Swann, Plant & Food Research is distancing itself from a recent Olives NZ judging scandal, claiming its involvement had nothing to do the outcome that saw head judge Margaret Edwards award her own oil first place. Plant and Food Research, formerly HortResearch, provided venues, equipment and logistics for the event, but spokesman Roger […]