28 Aug

Celebrating the olive

By C. Jerome Crow,

CORNING – Once again the Olive City pulled out all the stops to celebrate its queen crop.

Friday, the 17th Annual Olive Festival kicked off with a parade and was then followed by the Corning Does it Bedder bed races. Taking top honors in the men’s category was the team.

State Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa gives the signal to start the Corning Does it Bedder bed races at the 17th Annual Corning Olive Festival on Friday. Bell-Carter took top honors in the men’s race and teams from Richfield Feed won in the women’s and mixed races.

After being dropped from the fire ladder, Corning Police Chief and Rotarian Tony Cardenas determines who the winners are of the Annual Olive Drop contest Saturday at the 17th Annual Olive Festival at Woodson Park in Corning.
from Bell-Carter. Teams from Richfield Feed took the top women’s and mixed team award.

Technical difficulties shut down the Third Annual Weapons of Grass Destruction lawn mower races. But nothing could damper the spirits at the teen dance held afterwards at the Bell-Carter parking lot as hordes of teens packed the dance floor for a fun and safe evening of dancing.

Saturday started off bright and early with a pancake breakfast followed by the Olive Festival Fun Run. All of the action was centered around Woodson City Park that was filled with art, crafts and food booths.

Miss Corning Catherine Holtzinger reigned over the day with her royal court and a talent show and Dutch Over Cook-off also attracted a large crowd through out the day.

The Olive Drop capped off the day off with the winner being selected by the olive that dropped closest to the bull’s-eye.

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